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Demo Day & Offline Week

Showcase your startup to investors and join us for the closing event in NYC.

Investment Readiness

Ready your startup for funding with our comprehensive guidance.

Deepening Fintech

Acquire in-depth insights from fintech industry experts.

1% Equity Deal

No cash investment; 1% equity taken. Post-program, we may invest. We have invested in 23% of our portfolio.

Business Growth

Enhancing your startup's sales and funding.


Expand your circle with fintech leaders and innovators.


Fintech Startup

This is an industry focused program to maximize your fintech startup's potential.

Industry Experience

Founders with a background in the financial sector are ideal for our program.


We are looking for startups closing their first round and preferably with traction.


Our program is built for collaborative teams with a technical lead or CTO on board.


Meet our Partners



Bi-weekly meetings with fintech leaders

Cohort engage in focused conversations with their mentors, delving into their blockers and progress.


In the ground active community

Join our cross-border community; our NYC closing event is just one of many we host.

Office Hours

1-1 sessions with experts

Mentor-led one-on-one sessions offer Pygmalion founders custom advice and feedback.

Demo Day

Pitch to fintech investors

Top-performing, investment-ready startups gain exposure to fintech angel investors and VCs from LatAm and the US.

Expert Insights

Interactive workshops or masterclasses

Guided by expert mentors, our interactive workshops and masterclasses provide deep dives into specialized topics.

Plug & Play

Fintech infrastructure solutions

Connect your solution with our partner network to accelerate development and reduce costs.

Solutions we’re excited about

Payment Infrastructure

LatAm's B2B payment platforms are expected to handle 50% more transactions by 2026, as businesses demand efficient, low-cost payment processing solutions

Vertical focused solutions

The vertical SaaS market in Latin America is expected to grow by 25% by 2025, driven by the demand for customized digital solutions in niche industries.

B2B Fintech

B2B fintech solutions are expected to manage over $9 trillion in transaction value in LatAm by 2024, reflecting a shift towards digital B2B payment ecosystems.

Hacking AI

AI-driven fintech applications are on track to reduce operational costs by up to 40% in LatAm's financial sector by 2027, enabling more personalized and efficient services.


The insurtech sector in LatAm is poised for a 30% annual growth rate as digital insurance platforms cater to a largely underserved market of over 650 million people.


With digital fraud attempts in LatAm increasing by 35% year-over-year, investment in anti-fraud technologies is becoming a critical area of opportunity for regional fintech.


March 3rd
Early application deadline

Applying early means earlier interviews and extended consideration.


March 27th
General application

Applying within the general application follow standard timelines.


April 12th
Program Kick-off

The program lasts 10 weeks, until June 2024.

"The Pygma program surpasses any previous experiences I've had. The program's content organization is consistently impressive, and its team alwaysoperates with exceptional professionalism and a proactive attitude"

Matias Jalil, at Qubik

"Being part of the Pygma program helped me with product strategy, specifically developing it, pivoting, and analyzing to make the best decisions. In fundraising,saying that I was part of the Pygma accelerator resonated greatlyand added great value to my pitch.”

Rodrigo Perez,  at Beecuick

"This community viewing mindset, that clicks that forces you to do it is what generates those connections, that network because otherwise, it is just another digital program."

Michelle Gomberoff, at Cirkula

"The community thing is essential, being able to meet people and connect with people who are going through this journey or have already gone through it, and that can let's say, save you months or years of learning and can save you a lot of trouble."

Julian Lozano, at Spybee


Got questions?
We have answers

We understand you might have queries. Here are some common ones we've addressed for you.


What percentage of equity does PY take?

Why doesn't Pygma invest before or during the program?

Which countries are eligible for application?