10x your tech company.

A 12-week program for pre-seed companies that gives you the right support, knowledge and community to grow and accelerate your tech company in Latin America.
A tight-knit community of founders.

Build a different
kind of tech company

A 12-week program that gives you the right support, knowledge and community to build tech company in Latin America.
Join a community
of 154+ founders,
Designed for pre-seed companies in Latin America.
For pre-seed

The next big step

Build Momentum Capital
Develop a robust fundraising strategy and close your round fast by following our formula.
Build confidence
Gain confidence through our program. We help you build the right set of skills both hard and soft to help you become a better founder.
Build community
Pygma has a strong community of founders that are actively helping each other and supporting others.

For pre-seed founders

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Grow as a founder

We put our founders at the middle of the design of this program. We have a focus where the founders play the biggest role.

Nail your fundraising strategy

Learn how to design a fundraising strategy focused on closing checks in Latin America.

Access to the right tools and resources

Nail your product and growth strategy. Become more data and strategic oriented company.

Learn about Startup Design

Startup design is our methodology that helps founders design all corners of their company with confidence.

Who's behind Pygma?

Andrés Cano
Andrés Co-founded Pygma after having built a Data-driven accelerator for Latin America called Acanof. Andrés built a Startup in Boston in the travel and leaisure industry.
Andrés Campo
Andrés Co-founded Pygma after having built an online incubator for Europe called Buildup Camp and 4 years in Academia teaching for the Rotterdam Business School.
Cristina Quijano
Cristina joined Pygma as a co-founder
Daniel Ospina
Daniel joined Pygma after an acqusition to his Micro-fund Scala which invested in 12 pre-seed companies in Latam. Daniel also worked in Endeavor as part of their selection team.
Our impact
We are forming the next generation of founders in Latin America. We focus on educating and giving every founder a fair shot at building something awesome.
Top-tiers programs bet on our founders: 
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Our program numbers in just one year:
Founders accelerated.
Startups accelerated
in over 14 countries.
Capital raised by startups
through our accelerator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply?
- Remember to read in detail the requirements and the profiles we are looking for at the top.
- Complete the form following all the steps in detail and answering the questions honestly.
- Applications that include a referral from our community are more likely to be interviewed.

To apply,  fill out the following application form.
How much does the program cost?
Our program has a fee which is 1% equity from the company, we only take a tiny percentage of your company to accelerate you because we don’t want to mess up your cap table. If you are willing to give 1% to an advisor, imagine giving 1% in exchange of a supervisor, by joining Pygma you access community, mentorship, sessions to accelerate your company, perks, build partnerships and much more.
What are the companies considered for the Pygma program?
We work with companies that are building technology-based solutions in different industries. If your Startup is built around a technological component, we invite you to apply to our program. In the past we have accelerated SaaS, Marketplaces, e-commerce, Data Tools, among others.
I have finished the application, but I have not received a response yet, what are the next steps?
We try to inform the founders as soon as possible about our decision on their application, you can use our deadlines as a good indicator of when it will be the final moment that you will receive our decision.
Can I apply again if I am not chosen for this batch?
Of course! We expect founders with prior experience with our application process to be more successful in future applications as they know our process and what we look for in a Startup. We will be in constant contact with our base of applicants to previous programs and you will be the first to know when future applications to our program will open.
Where can I learn more about the program?
We invite you to learn more about our program at the following link program.pygma.co.