We are on a mission to accelerate the next generation of founders


Pygma was established through a merger between Buildup Camp, a startup academy based in the Netherlands, and Acanof, a data-driven accelerator from Latin America, complemented by the acquisition of the micro-fund, Scala.


We inaugurated our Pre-seed Accelerator, welcoming early-stage startups to our supportive ecosystem.


Pygma emerged as one of the fastest-growing accelerators in Latin America, recognized for our impactful support and dynamic acceleration programs.


Marking a strategic pivot, we embraced a sector-specific approach by launching our inaugural Fintech Program (PY5), signifying our commitment to nurturing specialized innovations in the financial technology space.


At Pygma, we build together with our startups. We do not just advise them on why and what to do, but we also invest our time in the how.


Pygmalions live and lead in their truest form, communicating openly and stripping down layers to build strong, trusting foundations. We know that we perform better when we can be ourselves.

Community First

We understand that the LATAM startup ecosystem needs to develop further. This is why we double down on activities that are positively impacting the ecosystem as a whole.

Pygmalion Effect

We set high expectations for our colleagues, startups, and ourselves because we know that high expectations improve our behavior and thus lead to better results.

Embrace the Pygmalion effect

We set not only high standards for our team and startups but also for ourselves. We question ourselves about what we could do better.

Opinions mean nothing without facts

We make our decisions based on proof, quantitative or qualitative.

Keep it Simple Stupid

We use concise and direct communication and try to minimize the length and amount of our meetings.

Fail Fast, Learn Faster

We keep on learning from our startups, colleague, community, and other resources; nothing is set in stone, and we know things change.


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