Why is Pygma going global?

February 11, 2024


Our vision for Pygma is to become a global accelerator, making a profound impact on entrepreneurs, founders, and startups in every city and country worldwide. Read more here.

Our mission

At Pygma, we are driven by the transformative power of entrepreneurship. Our shared mission is to enable and support entrepreneurs globally, forging unprecedented connections that have never been made before.

We believe that the next 10-20 years will shape history with groundbreaking technological advancements that blur the line between society and technology. In this pivotal era, our mission becomes more meaningful than ever—to accelerate the next generation of founders who will make a significant impact on the world.

Understanding the market

Our journey began by addressing a pressing issue in Latin America: the lack of access to quality programs that foster meaningful connections among founders and early-stage startups. However, as we delved deeper, we quickly realized that the need for network and support extends far beyond emerging markets.

Our journey in Latin America has provided us with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities startups face in emerging markets and globally. We have witnessed founders tackling pressing issues such as financial challenges, infrastructure deficits, and disruption in real estate and agriculture. These experiences have shown us the immense potential for innovation and the impact that startups can make in addressing local and regional challenges. These learnings from Latin America have shaped our approach and fueled our passion to extend our support to entrepreneurs globally.

The opportunity in Europe

In Europe, we have seen startups making remarkable strides in disrupting sectors such as AI, deep tech, future energy, transportation, sustainability, and other industries shaping the future. We acknowledge that each region nurtures its own unique set of ideas driven by macro-forces, but the importance of connectivity remains universal for startups seeking to address global challenges and deliver scalable solutions.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognize the untapped potential within ambitious individuals hungry for learning and growth. It is disheartening to witness pre-seed startup founders struggle to find the necessary resources and networks to succeed, as most assistance is typically available only in the very early or seed stages.

This realization drives our commitment to bridge this gap and provide comprehensive support. We are actively seeking the most innovative and audacious founders who are ready to challenge the status quo, disrupt their industries, and dream big. Our dedication lies in empowering these hard-working founders on their journey toward success.

Pygma is going global

Today, we are thrilled to announce our expansion into Europe, with plans to explore other regions in the near future.

Our vision for Pygma is to become a global accelerator, making a profound impact on entrepreneurs, founders, and startups in every city and country worldwide. Our main headquarter is in New York City, and we now have presence in Latin America, Europe and the USA.

Through our acceleration program and digital platform, we aim to provide comprehensive education, connect founders with key players in the ecosystem, and assist startups in raising the necessary funds to increase their visibility in the global market.

Our goal is to expand our network to regions that offer valuable opportunities and connectivity for our startups, including the USA, India, and the Middle East.

Over the next 5-10 years, we will connect various local ecosystems in cities such as Amsterdam, Bogota, New York, Mexico D.F., Sao Paulo, Berlin, and Mumbai. By doing so, we aim to open up the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem, allowing them to connect and play on a global scale. This will create a larger arena for startups to collaborate, solve challenges, and positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world.

We have applications open for our acceleration program. Apply today to be part of our next cohort.