ChatGPT for startups: A guide on how to use it

February 11, 2024


ChatGPT is a revolutionary technology changing the world and how startups operate. In this blog, we will share some prompts that you can use to leverage this tool.

ChatGPT is a revolutionary technology changing the world and how startups operate. ChatGPT is a product of OpenAI, an AI research and deployment company. With its ability to generate high-quality, human-like text, ChatGPT can help startups with various tasks, from writing code to developing content. But how can ChatGPT be leveraged to help startups succeed?

Here, you will learn how you can use ChatGPT to impact different business operations from the marketing department, to competitor research, to email campaign creation, to SEO strategy, and product descriptions. We will share some prompts that have been useful for our operations and others that might be useful in the future.

This is a picture generated by Dall·E. The prompt is ‘Artificial Intelligence drawn by Dora Carrington.’ She was a British lesbian painter, speaking of pride month.

A short introduction: why use LLM for startups?

LLM (Language Learning Models) like ChatGPT can understand and generate texts that suit a wide range of tasks essential in the everyday life of startups: chatbots for customer support, email sales and proposals, market research, and so on.

They can adapt to new data and learn from feedback. In short, ChatGPT can give startups a competitive advantage. Max Rascher, known as the AI Guy, compiled an interesting set of tools that can be applied to different tasks within the daily operation of a technology company.

Let’s see some examples of ChatGPT applied to your business for email campaign creation, competitor research, SEO optimization, landing pages, and product description generation.

ChatGPT for email campaign creation

You can use ChatGPT to create compelling subject lines to increase open rates, including multiple options for engaging email content segmented and targeted campaigns.

For this matter, you can use ChatGPT to A/B test the elements of your campaigns: subject lines, CTAs, and body texts. The most common cases for email campaign creation with ChatGPT are copywriting, subject line generation, list segmentation, A/B testing, and performance analysis.


You might also include in your prompt: a FAQ email to new users, an educational email to new customers, a secret email for returning customers, and an email specializing in customers who haven’t purchased in the last two months.

Example of a prompt for ChatGPT

Competitor Research with ChatGPT

Conduct market research to understand your competition. This will enable you to improve your communication efforts. You will learn how to conduct market research that allows you to identify some of your competitors.

Some helpful prompts (Pygma case)

  • “Write a list of the top accelerator programs worldwide. Include website, LinkedIn, and Instagram profile, and register them into a table, alphabetically ordered, including the LinkedIn profile URL of the CEO.”
  • “Summarize the main differences between the top two competitors regarding the deal offered to founders.”
  • “Signal competitor's strengths and weaknesses, including an analysis of their most recent marketing campaign, and how can it be improved.”
  • “Can you summarize customer satisfaction and suggest improvements among accelerator programs competing with us?”
  • “What are the latest industry trends affecting the Venture Capital Industry, and how are competitors responding to these trends?”
  • “Provide SWOT analysis of competitors concerning us.”
  • “Can you provide an overview of competitors' distribution channels?”

ChatGPT for SEO optimization

Organic positioning is a superb way of getting possible customers. Companies such as HubSpot and Ahrefs, who provide services of SEO positioning, generate leads by being on the first pages of Google.

How can you learn tips for optimizing your content and topping the ranks? You can ask ChatGPT to generate multiple keyword options and deploy an A/B testing strategy. Also, ChatGPT can help you develop SEO-friendly meta descriptions, headings, and titles. You can also generate content focused on optimizing specific keywords, prompt the system to help you strategize on the best way to get backlinks for your website, and test and refine your strategies to improve results.

Possible prompts

  • “Compile a list of ten long-tail keywords related to accelerator programs in Latam.”
  • “Create a blog post with the title ’5 accelerators for pre-seed stage founders worldwide’.”
  • “Enlist five startups that are excelling thanks to their SEO strategy.”
  • “Create a tutorial on how to generate meta descriptions for your e-commerce site with ChatGPT.”
  • "How can Pygma improve its search engine rankings for key industry terms in the VC industry?"
  • "Tell me some strategies to implement more organic traffic to the Pygma website, positioning keywords related to the VC industry.”
  • "What are the latest SEO trends and algorithm updates that Pygma should be aware of in the VC industry?"
  • "Common SEO mistakes that pre-seed stage companies should avoid"
  • "Technical SEO considerations that Pygma should take into account"
  • " markup usage to improve Pygma search engine visibility"
  • "Enticing ways to use voice search optimization”
  • "Structured data to improve company’s search engine visibility rankings”

ChatGPT for landing pages that convert

This section will teach you how to use ChatGPT to create landing pages that help you turn leads into customers. You can develop prompts to create and generate high-converting headlines, meta descriptions, and other content for landing pages.

You can also use it to create engaging copies to convince visitors to purchase or register for your newsletter.

Mainly, regarding landing pages, you can use ChatGPT to craft lines that catch the users' attention while creating valuable content for your landing pages. This combination increases the chances of visitors that click through to your page but taking desired courses of action.

As seen in the prior section, generating relevant keywords through ChatGPT helps you improve your search engine rankings, thus increasing your possibilities of attracting more customers. Create informative and optimized meta tags that help you scale the visibility on the first page of results.

Write effective calls for landing pages, with the primary goal of converting your customers into a specific desired action (subscribing to a waiting list, buying a product, or signing up for a newsletter)

Prompt examples

  • “I run a fintech called Franzi. Help me build a landing page highlighting services that engage with our target audience. Ask me anything you need to know if you wish. Our desired target audience is young people between 18 and 23”.
  • “We provide services for micro-influencers with 5.000 followers on Instagram at least. Help me create a landing page for restaurants and products that are trying to maximize their ROI through influencer marketing campaigns, with a limited budget of US$1.000 monthly for the matter.”
  • “We are educating the next generation of founders through Pygma. Create the entire landing page copy for me.”
  • “We provide bank account services for SMEs companies tired of bureaucracy within the traditional financial system. Help me create a landing page with a one-liner using colloquial keywords.”
  • “List 4 main keywords to target for my food-tech of restaurants created through hidden kitchens”

Product description generation

Get to know everything about creating compelling product descriptions. Learn some examples of product descriptions using ChatGPT used to improve conversion rates. Craft unique product descriptions that grab the attention and have excellent readability. Test product descriptions, choosing the best one for your needs.

Remember to feed the system with the most data you can insert. You can feed from customer reviews. Formatting and punctuation are of the utmost importance for providing input. Writing for a 40-year-old lady or a C-Level executive can be prompt. Finally, remember to use as many keywords as possible.

Prompts for startups


  • ChatGPT can leverage several tasks from your daily operation.
  • You can use ChatGPT for email campaign creation, competitor research, SEO optimization, landing page creation, and product description generation.
  • You need to be very specific with the prompts you provide
  • ChatGPT does not replace human work but is rather complementary.
  • Use cases of the information given above: headline generation, copywriting, keyword research, meta tags, and descriptions, call to action, A/B testing, performance analysis, and market research.

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