8 Non-dilutive resources for startups to face the SVB demise

February 11, 2024


Following the SVB demise, we've researched 8 non-dilutive resources for startups considering the current situations within the financial system.

At Pygma, we have been following the fallout of the Silicon Valley Bank at the beginning of March. We have found the ecosystem's efforts to deploy alternatives to mitigate the intrinsic risks within the financial system.

We are also aware that not giving too much equity is fundamental nowadays for startups in Latam, considering VC investment in the Latam region has been shrinking year after year since 2021.

During the research, we found this explanative post from Lauren Cascio, who compiled a list of non-dilutive funding resources for founders after the painful demise of Silicon Valley Bank, and the global stock downtrend.

First things first: What is non-dilutive?

Non-dilutive funding is a type of funding that does not require the recipient to give up equity in their company or ownership rights. This can include grants, loans, or other funding mechanisms where the funder does not take a direct ownership stake in the company.

Let's recap some non-dilutive resources in case you are in awe of receiving investment but want to be mindful of your startup's equity.

Gulp Data

Data value is massive. Thanks to Gulp, you can give a copy of your data to borrow money without renouncing it to equity. The platform takes 24 hours to pre-approve the money's borrowing and covers roughly 30 industries.

You fill out a short survey that confirms if your business qualifies. After that, you submit a data sample, which includes size, type of data, and ages, to receive back an offer based on the total dataset. For companies worldwide.

Gulp Data


With this Mexican fintech, you can obtain liquidity for up to MXN$ 750 million (roughly US$41 million) without complications and in less time. The new evolution of simple credit for companies is enhanced with data to project the capital your company needs to grow.

Access to capital without losing equity or getting into debt. Kapital works with your information to offer you a customized credit solution.



This Colombian fintech boosts your company's growth with a credit tailored to your needs through an agile and 100% digital platform. Apply for your credit entirely online, with no lines, no paperwork, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any device.

They facilitate access to credit through an intelligent scoring system based on your management habits, business ideas, and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Besides, you can also access specialized content, downloadable resources, events, and exclusive networking spaces.



OnDeck provides term loans for eligible businesses a range from US$5,000 to US$250,000. These are short-term credits compared to the higher loan amounts from banks, which sometimes reach millions of dollars.

On the same day of your application, you can find the solution you want in your business. It is suitable for lower credit scores. However, borrowing can reach high-interest rates, up to 66 %. It is for companies in Canada, Australia, and the US, except in Nevada, North Dakota, and South Dakota.



You don't want to spend an excessive amount of time fundraising. You want to be building your company. Pipe is a platform for companies with recurring revenue streams or net-term invoices.

After signing up, connect your systems to Pipe, and within hours you can start trading the portfolio of your customer contracts. Everything is within 24 hours.

You will also see the current price for the annualized value of these contracts from institutional investors to choose how much trade. Finally, up-front capital will be deposited into your account that day. It works for companies in the US.

Square loans

Square allows you to implement secure payment systems that work for both in-person and remote payments and introduce a catalog of valuable tools that simplify everyday tasks.

Through Square loans, get offer loans based on the number of sales of your company and choose your loan size. You don't have to pay interest, but you do have to pay a fee according to the loan size.

You can repay your loan daily by giving a percentage of your daily sales. This way, "you pay less on slow days and a little more when sales are strong."

Square Loans

Saas Capital

It only finances Software as a Service company. It gives access to significant growth capital, avoiding companies dilution and selling equity. The submission process can take a little longer, up to five weeks, and involves an IRL meeting for due diligence.

SaaS Capital lend between US$2 million and US$12 million to companies based in the US, Canada, and the UK. The fee is an interest rate from 12 % to 14 % on borrowed funds, a 1 % to 1.5 % annual facility, or a nominal penny warrant.

Finally, they offer credit facilities to scale SaaS companies with US$3 million in annual revenue, at least US$250.000 in monthly recurring payments, 85 % of retention, and needs at least $1 million over the next year or two.

Latino Founders Fund

The Google for Startups Latino Founders Fund offers $150,000 in cash awards to Latino entrepreneurs in the US without requiring equity in return. Recipients also receive up to $100,000 in Google Cloud credits and hands-on support from Google staff. This includes mentorship, sales training, investor readiness, mental health therapy, and community resources provided at no cost.

Latino Founders Fund

Every cloud has a silver lining

Despite the complex situation, at Pygma, we are committed to informing responsibly about what is happening around the ecosystem, providing the best alternatives and practices for startups to keep operating and succeeding.

Even with this shadow of Lehman upon us (as the famous Underworld song goes), we know that the crisis period is the best time to invest in companies. However, beyond this specific crisis, we are committed to building the startups the world needs.

Through our acceleration program, we are also committed to helping the next generation of founders achieve an accelerated but sustainable growth rate for their startups.

If you are a founder with a company in the pre-seed stage, apply to our acceleration program: the 1 % that makes the 99 % the difference.