10 Startups that are helping break the diversity taboo

February 11, 2024


The world of tech is changing and for the better. More and more startups are prioritizing diversity and inclusion. Read more about startups bringing inclusivity to the ecosystem.

The world of tech is changing and for the better. More and more startups are prioritizing diversity and inclusion within their core activities.

At Pygma we support inclusivity and diversity in our company and in the startups that we support and accelerate. We believe is through having people from diverse backgrounds that we break barriers through technology that were not possible before.

These 10 startups are leading the change, making sure that everyone has a chance to succeed. From creating inclusive products to promoting diverse teams, including platforms that promote hiring LGTBQ+ people, these 10 startups are setting an example for the industry.

Let's take a look at what they're doing and how they're making a difference.


This Brazilian startup developed an AI-based employee recruiting platform that provides inclusive experiences for employees through a chatbot, which sends automated surveys and tracks employee success. It includes tools that encourage behavior change among employees to promote diversity and inclusion, improving workplace diversity and reducing the turnover rate for new hires. This innovative solution is changing the way companies recruit and retain talent.


After Daniela Muñoz, a trans woman, lost her job after coming out, she created ioio. It’s an app that lets users rent almost anything, focusing on creating a sustainable and circular economy. Daniela's work with ioio led to her being selected for the WeWork initiative "Women for tomorrow", which supports women-led businesses in Latin America.


The US startup provides management tools and analytics models to help companies assess and improve their diversity, engagement, and inclusivity (DEI). Its assessment tool gives insights related to strategy and commitment, talent diversity, workplace inclusivity, and organizational engagement, offering benchmarking of an organization's diversity metrics against its proprietary index of other organizations.


Freeq is a safe, virtual events platform that offers a much-needed space for the LGBTQ+ community to connect, express themselves, and feel free. The platform promotes inclusive events related to body positivism, highlighting the needs of the LGTBQ+ community. Safety is the main feature of Freeq. Events’ approach includes collaborative and community-first values, offering people the opportunity to feel comfortable about themselves online.

Blue Feniks

Dutch startup is a management and employee behavior platform. Its data reports psychological tests, workplace inspections and incident reporting for companies, allowing digital trust advisors report low threshold of non-desired behaviors, making work environments safer and more inclusive.


Is an organization in Brazil that advocates for LGBTIQ+ inclusion through education, research, and support programs. Their mission is to make Brazil a more inclusive country for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. They offer many programs to support and protect the LGBTIQ+ community, including Acolhe LGBT+, which connects LGBTIQ+ people with mental health professionals for free. The platform includes TXDXS Impact, an accelerator focusing on LGBTIQ+ entrepreneurship projects.

Jecca Blac

Filling a gap in the cosmetics industry, UK-based Jecca Blac wants to make the beauty sector more inclusive by creating genderless cosmetics, which helps to tear apart the barriers to inclusivity and helping people express their true selves. Jecca Blac has sold over 1.6 million products and partnering with major retailers like Zalando. With its inclusive and innovative approach, Jecca Blac is changing the face of the beauty industry.


GenderGP is breaking down barriers and providing life-saving services globally for the transgender and non-binary community, giving them access to healthcare as a human right. The UK-based startup is making gender-affirming care accessible to anyone, anywhere. No one should have to fight for the right to be themselves, and GenderGP is working to make that a reality for everyone.

A Lot Studio

Is a fashion label that is committed to the LGBTIQ+ community, working on creating genderless clothing that gives artists a space to be creative, and a chance to support valuable and artistic causes. Valentina Ramirez, the founder, wants to celebrate the community and make it clear that the message is important in Latin America. The label believes that products should not be defined by gender or sexuality, but rather for everyone who feels connected to the label's message.


The Peruvian-based company is an integral tool for diagnosis and intervention that helps companies proactively respond to workplace sexual harassment issues. Based on a self-assessment of only 10 minutes for the organization's staff, ELSA identifies areas for improvement and recommends specific interventions that allow for early response and improved indicators.

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